Four Channel HD IP to HDMI Converter

Four Channel HD IP to HDMI Converter

MIO 4IP-HDMI-10G is a high-quality video converter, mini box structure ,based on SMPTE ST2110, which can complete 4 Ch. HD IP to SDI bi-direction conversion, and with 1Ch. HDMI output.

The equipment supports SMPTE ST2059-2 (PTP timing) protocol, NMOS IS 04/05 and supply SDP output; Built-in Webserver, flexible configuration, can be widely used in such as studio, ObVan, MC, etc.

Ø  Adopt high-performance ARM and FPGA hardware architecture

Ø  Adaptively recognizes various signal formats

Ø  Provides two 10GE SFP+ fiber ports, four HD SDI interfaces and one HDMI V2.0 interface

Ø  Supply 4 Ch. IP to SDI bi-direction conversion

Ø  Supply one HDMI output user can select from two signal source

Ø  Supports SMPTE ST2110-10/20/30/40 protocol

Ø  Supports SMPTE ST2022-7 A/B channel seamless switching

Ø  Supports AMWA NMOS IS04/05

Ø  Supports SMPTE ST2059-2 PTP timing

Ø  Horizontal and vertical phase of receiver SDI outputs adjustable

Ø  Built in Web server, supplies web configuring UI

Ø  Power adapter with screw port, flexibility and stable

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